uploading your files to pinnacle press

We try to make getting your files to us as easy as possible. To help us achieve this we ask that you Zip your files to prevent anything from getting lost or corrupted. We prefer print ready PDFs but we can use your original art files as long as you supply all images and fonts along with it. If your file size is under 15 MB please email it to macfile@pinnaclepressinc.com.

upload up to 100 mb

This is the fastest way to get us your files. It only supports files that are under 100 megs and zipped. When finished you will receive a notice if your file was uploaded correctly.

Upload files


Click the logo below to upload your files through Dropbox. You do not need a Dropbox account to upload this way. Supports files up to 1 GB. Please email us when you have successfully uploaded your files at macfile@pinnaclepressinc.com